What to expect on Moving Day

It’s Moving Day – What to Expect

  • Pack up the remaining items such as the bedding and towels.
  • When your movers arrive, go through your home with them to ensure that any fragile or large items are identified. This will help the movers ensure your things are properly loaded and protected.
  • Make sure you’ve placed all items not going with the mover in a separate place with all boxes well marked.
  • Be present when your items are tagged by the moving company to ensure everything is marked properly and in case the movers have any questions. You’ll also be signing the final documentoutlining which items were loaded on to the truck. It is important to confirm each piece before it leaves your home.
  • Before the moving truck pulls away, do a final thorough check to ensure everything has been loaded.
  • Make sure the moving company has your new address and a contact telephone number in case they need to reach you.
  • Check all paperwork before you sign the bill of lading. Keep your copy of the bill of lading and inventory list in a safe place.
  • Do any last minute cleaning.
  • Leave your new address and contact information with your neighbor or your landlord so that any stray pieces of mail can be forwarded.
  • Take one last look around, shut off all lights you are ready for the move.